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Phillips Fund for Native American Research

DEADLINE: March 2, 2023

Phillips Fund for Native American Research

The Phillips Fund of the American Philosophical Society provides grants to fund research in Native American linguistics, ethnohistory, and the history of studies of Native Americans in the continental United States and Canada. The funds are intended for such extra costs as travel, tapes, films, and consultants’ fees.

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Award: up to $3,500

Contact: Linda Musumeci, Director of Grants and Fellowships, American Philosophical Society, 104 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: (215) 440-3429

E-mail: LMusumeci@amphilsoc.org

Learn more about the Phillips Fund for Native American Research on the American Philosophical Society website

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United States Capitol Historical Society Fellowship

DEADLINE: March 15, 2023

Applications are invited for the United States Capitol Historical Society Fellowship. This fellowship is designed to support research and publications on the history, art, architecture, or landscape of the United States Capitol and related buildings. Graduate students and scholars may apply for periods ranging from one to twelve months; the stipend is $2,500.00 per month. (Most awards are for one to three months.)

Applications must be e-mailed by March 15, 2023, for the fellowship period beginning in September 2023 and ending in August 2024. Applications should be e-mailed in PDF format to michele.cohen@aoc.gov and sholliday@uschs.org.

If you have questions about a potential topic, contact Dr. Michele Cohen at (202) 228-1222 or michele.cohen@aoc.gov.

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CFP: World History Connected “The American West in World History”

DEADLINE: March 20, 2023

CFP: World History Connected “The American West in World History”
Type: Call for Papers
Submission Date: March 19, 2023.
Contact for Inquiries: Marc Jason Gilbert, mgilbert@hpu.edu and Vera Parham, Vera.parham@mycampus.apus.edu.

World History Connected (ISSN 1931-8642), is a 17-year-old affiliate of the World History Association. While the submission of individual articles on any topic germane to world history are welcome at any time, the journal also invites papers suitable for a Forum, a set of 4 to 8 curated articles on a topic showcasing innovative approaches to this interdisciplinary field. This Call for Papers invites contributions to the summer of 2023 issue’s Forum devoted to “The American West in World History,” Guest Edited by Vera Parham. Contributions may include archival research, field work, and the scholarship of teaching--while WHC does not publish lesson plans, it does feature articles that are rooted in pedagogical analysis and data gathered from classroom activities, which may contain lesson plans and examples of student activities and exercises.

Proposals for this Forum should be received by Sunday, March 19, 2023, for potential publication in Summer, 2023.

About the Forum:
While the history of the American West is an important topic for historians of the United States, it plays a much broader role in World History that is often overlooked. The landscape represents stewardship for its Indigenous people, opportunity for thousands of immigrants, conquest for empires, exploitation for those seeking its natural riches, and spheres of cultural devastation as well as struggles for cultural preservation and political representation. The American West has played an enormous role in the development of our global world economically, culturally, and socially. As of today, the state of California is the fifth largest economy in the world.

This forum seeks to situate the American West in a broader global view, highlighting the role the lands and people have played in global change. This forum focuses on all communities in the American West, broadly defined in geographic scope. Submissions can be varied but should focus on the impact of Western North America and the Pacific on World History. Submissions might utilize the lenses of economics, trade, colonization and post-colonialism, cultural revitalization, gender and identity and beyond. Submissions can include original research, articles on pedagogical approaches for using the American West in world history courses, and research-based explorations of current events and struggles in the American West. Teaching plans, embedded in broader historical research and means of gaining access to research are also encouraged. Submissions that focus on marginalized voices in history are highly encouraged.

As envisioned by Guest Editor Vera Parham, this Forum will assist in the ongoing effort to broaden the scope of World History by decentralizing the narrative from major nation states and empires to the impact the region of the American West has had on the globe. In both research and practice, histories located in the West can be used to highlight individual agency and decision-making, challenge meta narratives, and identify how communities and individuals understood and reacted to broad global-scale events. Focusing on the American West supports broader world historical research and builds pedagogical creativity in the world history classroom.

Submission of proposals for this Forum should be sent directly to its Guest Editor, Vera Parham

All submissions for Forums, as with prospective individual articles, must follow the user-friendly “Submissions and Style Guide” at https://worldhistoryconnected.press.uillinois.edu/submissions.html. Please note, World History Connected is in the process of moving from its long-time publisher, the University of Illinois Press, to George Mason University, known for its support of world history. As a result, the journal’s web address may change or be temporarily interrupted, in which case those seeking the “Submission and Style Guide” may write directly to the Editor, Marc Jason Gilbert at mgilbert@hpu.edu with the subject line beginning “WHC” for this and any other inquiries.

The “Submission and Style Guide” specifies that all email to the journal email should include the subject line “WHC Submission” and manuscripts should be prepared double-spaced, with one-inch margins and subheads at the left-hand margins in bold, with endnotes (no bibliography), a short biography (250 words) similar to that found at the end of published WHC articles, and include a mailing address and phone number. Submitted articles should be more than 3,000 words, with the upper limit as appropriate (usually not more than 10,000 words). All submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. World History Connected reserves the right to decline to publish any submission. Copyright free images are encouraged; MP3 and audio files are also welcome.

World History Connected annually reaches 1.85 million readers (scholars and practitioners who read more than two articles) and attracts 6 million visits to its website. It publishes Forums, individual articles, book reviews, special features (such as its “Interview with a World Historian”), and a list of books available for review. Book reviews are welcome via preliminary contact with the journal’s Book Review Editor, Cynthia Ross, at Cynthia.Ross@tamuc.edu.

The journal is published 3 times a year (Winter, Spring and Fall), with additional material shared on social media through its social media editors, Angela Lee (mrsleehistory@gmail.com), Suzanne Litrel (suzannemlitrel@gmail.com), and Joe Snyder (jsnyderwvu@gmail.com).

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APS Library Resident Short- and Long-Term Research Fellowships

DEADLINE: April 1, 2023

The American Philosophical Society invites applications for short-term residential fellowships to conduct research in the American Philosophical Society’s library in the history of American science and technology and early American history and culture.

Deadline: March 2023 (please check the website for exact date)

Award: $3,000 per month for one to three months

Contact: Library Resident Research Fellowships, American Philosophical Society, 105 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: (215) 440-3443

E-mail: libfellows@amphilsoc.org

Web: https://www.amphilsoc.org/grants/library-short-term-resident-research-fellowships

The APS Library offers a variety of long- and short-term residential fellowships for scholars at various stages of their careers. Subject-specific research is supported, primarily in the areas of early American history, the history of science and technology, and Native American and Indigenous topics, as is work in the digital humanities. Application deadlines will be determined shortly, and new opportunities are continually being added. Please consult the APS website for the most up-to-date information.

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Call for Papers - White House History Quarterly

DEADLINE: July 31, 2023

White House History Quarterly features articles on the historic White House and its occupants. With the knowledge that the White House is one of the most richly documented houses in the world and the premier symbol of the American presidency, we publish original research that draws from these resources as well as first-hand interviews, secondary accounts, and the vast wealth of illustrations of all kinds, from drawings to photographs, in exploring the many aspects of so extensive a past. We serve a varied readership, both popular and academic, interested in history, architecture, and biography, all of which we present in the context of the White House and its ongoing traditions.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit proposals for articles, in the form of abstracts, for the editor’s review. Please refer to the Call for Papers for a list of topics currently being considered for general thematic issues. These include: The White House that Wasn’t; Pets and Working Animals at the White House; Military Roles in the White House; The White House During World War II; White House Traditions; The White House and Philadelphia; The White House in Literature and Poetry; Faith and the White House, America 250; White House History in Historic Cemeteries. Topics for other issues may include presidential biography; first family biography; and studies of documentary letters, journals, diaries, and illustrations that relate to the White House.

Authors interested in submitting an article are asked to complete the White House History Quarterly abstract submissions form or contact the publications office at books@whha.org.

Download the abstract form

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Columbia University Press Launches New Partnership with Howard University to Advance Black Studies and Diversity Academic Publishing

DEADLINE: March 1, 2030

Columbia University Press today announced a new ongoing scholarly book series in the field of Black studies called Black Lives in the Diaspora: Past / Present / Future, to be published in partnership with Howard University’s College of Arts and Sciences and Columbia University’s African American and African Diaspora Studies Department. This collaboration between a historically Black university and an Ivy League university’s press and faculty is the first of its kind in academic publishing, and it represents the first step in a larger partnership between the two universities to publish more robustly in Black studies and to recruit and support a cohort of editorial fellows to provide an entryway for recent HBCU graduates into the publishing industry.

An editorial board of eight faculty—four each from Howard University and Columbia University—will oversee the new series, which will be published by the Press. The series will publish in the humanities and social sciences at the junior, midcareer, and senior levels. Acquisitions for 2–3 publications per year in the new series will begin immediately. Funding is currently being sought to expand the program to publish up to 20 titles per year and augment the staff of Columbia University Press with a new full-time Black studies editor and graduate student fellows. The fellows will receive specialized training in the editorial department and will be supported to gain experience across the other standard departments in publishing, according to their own interests. Over time, this cohort of fellows, mentored by the new editor and others at Howard University and Columbia University, will be prepared for careers in the publishing industry.

Building on Columbia University Press’s history of publications in Black studies and history, sociology, religion, philosophy, and literature, the new series will further scholarship in African American and African Diaspora studies by focusing on Black lives in a global diasporic context. The series will showcase scholarship and writing that enriches our understanding of Black experiences in the past, present, and future. It is a goal of the series that the books will reach beyond the academy and become part of urgent national and international conversations about the experiences of people of African descent. By design, the series anchors an exchange across two global educational institutions, both residing in historical capitals of Black life and culture.

Howard University had a press that was discontinued a decade ago, representing the loss of an important voice in African American studies and scholarly publishing. This new collaboration will enable Howard once again to participate in the curatorial process of scholarly publishing, and result in a series dedicated to African American and African Diaspora studies that is more inclusive and of a higher caliber than Columbia University and Columbia University Press could achieve alone. The series will become self-sustaining financially within five years, including funding for the editorial fellows, who are central to the Howard University–Columbia University partnership.

Editorial board members for the new series are:

Howard University

  • Clarence Lusane, Professor of Political Science, and former Chair, Department of Political Science
  • Rubin Patterson, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Sociology
  • Nikki Taylor, Chair, Department of History, and Professor of History
  • Amy Yeboah, Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies

Columbia University

  • Kevin Fellezs, Associate Professor of Music and African American and African Diaspora Studies
  • Farah Jasmine Griffin, Chair, African American and African Diaspora Studies Department, and        William B. Ransford Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African American Studies
  • Frank Guridy, Associate Professor of History and African American Studies
  • Josef Sorett, Chair, Department of Religion, and Professor of Religion and African American and African Diaspora Studies

Those interested in submitting a project to the series should contact Eric I. Schwartz, PhD, Editorial Director of Columbia University Press, with a proposal containing a brief description of the content and focus of the book, a table of contents or chapter outline, a literature review and market analysis, and professional information about the author, including previous publications.

About Columbia University Press
Founded in 1893, Columbia University Press advances world knowledge through essential writing and research focusing on the global, the urban, and the contemporary. Our books and electronic resources bring new ideas and foundational understanding to a diverse and engaged readership of the intellectually curious, both within and across academic disciplines and other conventional boundaries. We embody our parent institution's educational and research mission as well as its international reputation. Columbia University Press is one of the oldest and largest university presses in the United States. Notable highlights in Columbia University Press’s history include the publication of the Columbia Encyclopedia in 1935; the acquisition of The Columbia Granger’s Index to Poetry in 1945; the introduction of the three Sources anthologies of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian classic works in the 1950s; and, over the years, the publication of works by numerous eminent thinkers. Recent publications in the field of African American and African Diaspora studies include: A Haven and a Hell by Lance Freeman, Banking on Freedom by Shennette Garrett-Scott; The African Diaspora by Patrick Manning; Dispatches from the Ebony Tower edited by Manning Marable; Uptown Conversation edited by Robert G. O’Meally, Brent Hayes Edwards, and Farah Jasmine Griffin; Hubert Harrison: The Struggle for Equality, 1918–1927 by Jeffrey Perry; and The Other Blacklist by Mary Helen Washington.

More information about Columbia University Press

About Howard University
Founded in 1867, Howard University is a private research university that comprises thirteen schools and colleges. Students pursue more than 140 programs of study leading to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. The university operates with a commitment to excellence in truth and service, and has produced 1 Schwarzman Scholar, 3 Marshall Scholars, 4 Rhodes Scholars, 11 Truman Scholars, 25 Pickering Fellows, and more than 165 Fulbright recipients. Howard also produces more on-campus African American PhD recipients than any other university in the United States. Howard ranks among the highest producers of the nation's Black professionals in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, architecture, religion, law, music, social work, and education. Howard’s College of Arts and Sciences alumni include Vice President Kamala Harris, Toni Morrison, Chadwick Boseman, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

More information about Howard University

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Call for Proposals: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

DEADLINE: August 1, 2031

Cambridge Scholars Publishing are inviting proposals for academic books and edited collections in Humanities and Social Sciences. We would be pleased if you would consider submitting a proposal.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing are committed to supporting long-form research dissemination in all our fields of academic and scholarly publishing, through the publication of monographs and edited collections. This is, and will remain, our core focus in the years ahead. We publish in all major fields of academic research and practice, including Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Health Sciences. You can read more about our approach to ‘Doing Simple Things, Well’ in the No Shelf Required online magazine.

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of our foundation in Cambridge, UK. Over that time, we have grown to be one of the world’s leading scholarly book publishers, with a backlist of more than 8000 titles, and more than 700 academic books due to publish this year. Cambridge Scholars Publishing Limited is not affiliated to, or associated with, Cambridge University Press or the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing aim to put our authors at the heart of everything we do. We bring that ambition into our publishing operations with our Author Promises:

  • Fast, fair, and friendly proposal review.
  • Publication in handsome hardback, as well as eBook formats, for our academic library customers.

  • Worldwide distribution to research and study centers across the globe, via our international network including Amazon, Ebsco/GOBI, ProQuest, and Ingram.

  • A book published with us is always in-stock, and always available for sale, thanks to our unique Print on Time global distribution system.

  • An escalating royalty payment—the more titles sold, the higher the royalty rate, from the first copy sold.

  • No charges for publication.

Our authors also can contribute to our unique Book in Focus series, which you can read about on our website.


Submit a book proposal and for further information

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UCSF Archives to House The COVID Tracking Project, a National Database Donated by The Atlantic

DEADLINE: September 1, 2031

The COVID Tracking Project, a crowdsourced digital archive documenting the face of the pandemic in the United States, will become part of the permanent collection in the UCSF Archives & Special Collections and will be accessible to researchers and the public.

The project was launched by The Atlantic to address the lack of reliable information about the pandemic, was volunteer-driven and published on COVID-19 testing, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the U.S. The information gathered was cited by major journals and many news stories and used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the federal Food and Drug Administration.

This collaborative project brings together teams from The COVID Tracking Project team, the California Digital Library, and UCSF Archives & Special Collections. It will provide impetus for developing tools and new approaches for archiving collections, comprising diverse formats from instant messages to source code to emails as well as data sets. The COVID Tracking Project has already published its primary dataset in the Dryad data repository and the team anticipate that within a year this remarkable born-digital collection will be preserved and made accessible online.

This archive joins other publicly accessible UCSF archives on the community HIV/AIDS epidemic response, tobacco industry, the opioid industry, and the food industry.

For more, see:

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SCHC Celebrates Black History Month with New Exhibit

DEADLINE: January 31, 2032

The Saratoga County History Center (SCHC), in partnership with the Saratoga County History Roundtable, is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibit at Brookside Museum to celebrate Black History Month: “Black Experiences in Saratoga County, 1750 – 1950.”

The expansive exhibit explores the diverse lives of African Americans in Saratoga County from the colonial period through the mid-twentieth century. It is a panorama of the struggles and hardships, but also stories of their persistence and success. Displays will feature little-known events, as well as objects and memorabilia that bring to life the men and women who were often the heart and soul of Saratoga society.

Needless to say, the new exhibit is a product of diligent research by a team of local historians brought together by the History Center: Jim Richmond, Saratoga County History Roundtable; Lauren Roberts, Saratoga County Historian; Anne Clothier, Saratoga County History Center; Maryann Fitzgerald, Saratoga Springs City Historian; Kendall Hicks, Exalted Ruler of the Frederick Allen Elks Lodge of Saratoga Springs; and Lorie Wies, Saratoga Springs Public Library.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the exhibit design is that the panels will be available for display in other venues in the county,” notes Project leader Jim Richmond. County Historian Roberts added, “This collaborative effort pulls together resources from several local repositories that shed light on Black experiences throughout our past. Using a chronological approach, the exhibit illustrates change over time in the areas of culture, employment, and community.” “The History Center strives to preserve and share the experiences all the communities of Saratoga County,” explains Dr. Michael Landis, History Center trustee and chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative. “It is critically important that we create exhibits and programs that not only showcase diversity in the county but challenge traditional historical narratives.”

The exhibit will be open at Brookside Museum (6 Charlton Street, Ballston Spa) on Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 4 PM, beginning February 6. Hours will be expanded in the spring and summer. It is free and open to the public. Donations are encouraged. All proceeds will go directly to museum upkeep and public programming.

The Saratoga County History Center is dedicated to preserving and sharing the diverse histories of Saratoga County. In addition to Brookside Museum, the History Center offers a variety of innovative, exciting, and educational programming online. Please visit the website (www.brooksidemuseum.org) and social media accounts (@SaratogaCoHistory) for news and announcements.

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