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Call for Proposals: Scholars Working Groups at the Center for Jewish History

DEADLINE: March 24, 2023

Deadline: March 24, 2023

The Center for Jewish History (CJH) invites proposals for a new Scholars Working Group to begin in fall 2023. Building on the success of previous working groups including ‘The History of the Jewish Book,’ ‘New York City and the Jews,’ ‘Women and Gender,’ ‘Jews and the Modern Economy,’ ‘Yiddish Press,’ and ‘Roman Forum,’ CJH is seeking to provide new opportunities to draw from the research and ideas of a wide array of scholars at different career stages. The Center welcomes proposals on diverse and multidisciplinary themes/subjects that seek to examine a specific topic or question through various historical, disciplinary, and contextual mediums and lenses. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the creation of an interdisciplinary community of scholars who engage and provide opportunities for inquiry and conversation among themselves in an ongoing way.

Working Group Requirements:

  • The new working group will be expected to commit to a two-year cycle of six meetings per academic year. To be as inclusive as possible, most of these meetings will be held virtually, with one meeting per academic semester taking place in-person at the Center for Jewish History.
  • The meetings will consist of scholars presenting works-in-progress or completed but unpublished works of scholarship in the interest of generating conversation that relates to the overall theme of the group.
  • Working groups should also consider how to engage the broader CJH public. This might take the form of sponsoring a public symposium or a public lecture series, developing a digital platform, print publication, or other forms of disseminating the group’s results, all based on the outcome of the working group’s cumulative deliberations.

Applications must identify two group conveners, one of whom is expected to be a resident of the New York metropolitan area.

Conveners will determine the specific composition of the group, but both junior and senior scholars as well as advanced graduate students (ABD) should be invited to participate. Participation is by invitation only. Groups should consist of no fewer than twenty and no more than thirty-five invitees to begin.

The proposal should identify, in very clear terms:

  • The proposed theme and its significance to Jewish Studies
  • The plan for the two-year cycle
  • The names of the two conveners and a list of potential participants
  • Possible session topics that reflect a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Proposals should address the potential afterlife of the working group. Applications must consider ways the group can further its stated goals following completion of the working group cycle, either through sponsoring annual panels at the AJS conference, establishing a long-term digital project, publication of working group presentations, creating public symposia or workshops that involve a broader array of participants, conferences, or by other means.

The Center for Jewish History will cover the cost of each session including refreshments, technical, and administrative expenses.

Proposals are welcome from established scholars in the field of Jewish Studies. Applications should be no longer than 3-5 pages and should be sent to:

Miriam Eve Mora
Director of Academic and Public Programs
miriam@cjh.org by March 24, 2023.

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Call for Proposals: NHA 2023 Conference “Crossroads”

DEADLINE: April 3, 2023

Call for Proposals: “Crossroads”
National Humanities Alliance
Conference Dates: October 25 – 29
Indianapolis, IN

Deadline: April 3, 2023

Co-hosted by the National Humanities Alliance and the Federation of State Humanities Councils, the National Humanities Conference brings together representatives from colleges, universities, state humanities councils, cultural institutions, and other community-based organizations to explore approaches to deepening the public’s engagement with the humanities. The conference will be held October 25-29, 2023, in Indianapolis. With the help of our partners at Indiana Humanities, we look forward to a conference that offers ample opportunities to engage with local and regional culture and history.

In keeping with the state motto of Indiana, “The Crossroads of America,” the 2023 conference theme is “Crossroads.”

Crossroads are places of choice and possibility—creative, reflective, and forward-looking—and we invite proposals that consider how the public humanities have arrived at their current place, what that place looks like to us today, and where we wish to go from here. We especially encourage proposals that engage humanities practitioners, professionals, and scholars/academics to discuss shared or aligned destinations as well as proposals that explore and delineate how and why we diverge.

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CFP: The 2023 Conference of the Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association

DEADLINE: June 1, 2023

The 2023 Conference of the Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association Connection and conflict: making and unmaking political communities in the Americas

University of Sydney
November 30–December 2

In the last two decades, new modes of social connectivity and disruption have altered the way people inside and outside of the United States live, work, study, socialize, and, consequently, engage with politics and political inclusion. Popular and scholarly attempts to interpret these transformations often reach for explanations in the shifting currents of technology and new media, demographics, and identity, renewed political polarization, or the resurgence of an authoritarian nationalism. Yet almost all these themes – technological connectivity, ethnonationalism, demographic change, and paranoid styles of political thought – predominate through the long histories of American politics and culture. So too do impulses toward political unity and social collectivism, the conflicted aspirations toward a good life, and the contested belief in a commonweal.

In 2023, ANZASA invites papers that historicize, trans nationalize, interpret, or prognosticate on these connectivity’s and conflicts, as well as on the abiding yet ever-changing pursuit of political community in America. We welcome submissions from scholars working on all areas of American studies—from literature, film, and history to politics and international relations—and covering any time period. We encourage panel proposals, roundtable discussions, and individual paper proposals. This conference will be in person only.

Topics might respond to the following subthemes:

  • Forms of protest and dissent, past and present
  • Hopefulness, care, and communities of allyship
  • Whistleblowing and truth telling
  • The changing meaning or nature of protest
  • The creation of American democracy or attempts to revise the electoral process
  • Conspiracy theories and moral panics
  • The paranoid style in American politics
  • Millenarist and prophetic visions
  • Networked publics and the common good
  • Connectivity and conflicts, past and present
  • Corporations and/as the “town square”
  • Narrative form and the affordances of media technologies
  • Algorithmic culture and politics
  • Personality cults, authoritarianism, and crowd behavior
  • Entertainment, social media, and political consciousness
  • Technologies of information and disinformation
  • Contestations over truth and history
  • Culture wars and identity politics
  • Misinformation, propaganda, and censorship
  • Distrust of public institutions, distrust of big tech
  • Dystopian futures and science fiction fantasies
  • Circularity and escape
  • Anticolonial and decolonial movements
  • Fears of mass contagion
  • American influence in a contested world
  • AUKUS, alliances and regional conflicts
  • The crisis of American democracy
  • Prepping, fatalism, and fear of the future
  • Consensus-building and community formation

Proposals: Individual paper proposals should include a title and 250-word abstract. Panel and roundtable proposals should include a title, a 250-word abstract for each constituent paper, and an abstract of 250 words or less describing the panel as a whole, in addition to 250-word biographies for each participant which include institutional affiliation, where appropriate, preferred pronoun, if desired, and an email address for each participant.

Deadline for submissions: submissions should be emailed to ANZASA.2023@gmail.com no later than June 1, 2023.

Bursaries: The conference organizers will make available a limited number of travel bursaries for students or early career academics. Bursaries will be distributed based on a mix of financial need, proposal strength, and order of applications received. Those participants who wish to apply for a bursary should also include a max. 500-word budget and statement of need.

For enquiries, contact ANZASA.2023@gmail.com, or Lecturer of American Studies Aaron Nyerges aaron.nyerges@sydney.edu.

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Call for Papers - White House History Quarterly

DEADLINE: July 31, 2023

White House History Quarterly features articles on the historic White House and its occupants. With the knowledge that the White House is one of the most richly documented houses in the world and the premier symbol of the American presidency, we publish original research that draws from these resources as well as first-hand interviews, secondary accounts, and the vast wealth of illustrations of all kinds, from drawings to photographs, in exploring the many aspects of so extensive a past. We serve a varied readership, both popular and academic, interested in history, architecture, and biography, all of which we present in the context of the White House and its ongoing traditions.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit proposals for articles, in the form of abstracts, for the editor’s review. Please refer to the Call for Papers for a list of topics currently being considered for general thematic issues. These include: The White House that Wasn’t; Pets and Working Animals at the White House; Military Roles in the White House; The White House During World War II; White House Traditions; The White House and Philadelphia; The White House in Literature and Poetry; Faith and the White House, America 250; White House History in Historic Cemeteries. Topics for other issues may include presidential biography; first family biography; and studies of documentary letters, journals, diaries, and illustrations that relate to the White House.

Authors interested in submitting an article are asked to complete the White House History Quarterly abstract submissions form or contact the publications office at books@whha.org.

Download the abstract form

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Call for Book Proposals: Book Series on Teaching and Learning History

DEADLINE: July 31, 2023

Book Series on Teaching History Today and In the Future

Rowman & Littlefield is requesting proposals for a book series that publishes high quality volumes on current and future trends in the teaching and learning of history. Of particular interest are book proposals that combine aspects of the scholarship of the teaching and learning of history with classroom applications. Books should be written for K-12 teachers, K-12 pre-service teachers, and/or collegiate faculty.

Proposals may explore any topic or theme related to history teaching and learning.

Initial proposals should include a brief 250-word description of the proposed book including its topic, purpose, importance for teaching and learning history, and suggested audience(s). Also include a brief 100-word biography. After review of the initial proposal, if accepted, the book will follow standard Rowman & Littlefield book proposal procedures for final approval.

For more information, contact Mark Newman, series editor, at mnewman@nl.edu.

Mark Newman, series editor, mnewman@nl.edu

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Call for Proposals: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

DEADLINE: August 1, 2031

Cambridge Scholars Publishing are inviting proposals for academic books and edited collections in Humanities and Social Sciences. We would be pleased if you would consider submitting a proposal.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing are committed to supporting long-form research dissemination in all our fields of academic and scholarly publishing, through the publication of monographs and edited collections. This is, and will remain, our core focus in the years ahead. We publish in all major fields of academic research and practice, including Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Health Sciences. You can read more about our approach to ‘Doing Simple Things, Well’ in the No Shelf Required online magazine.

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of our foundation in Cambridge, UK. Over that time, we have grown to be one of the world’s leading scholarly book publishers, with a backlist of more than 8000 titles, and more than 700 academic books due to publish this year. Cambridge Scholars Publishing Limited is not affiliated to, or associated with, Cambridge University Press or the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing aim to put our authors at the heart of everything we do. We bring that ambition into our publishing operations with our Author Promises:

  • Fast, fair, and friendly proposal review.
  • Publication in handsome hardback, as well as eBook formats, for our academic library customers.

  • Worldwide distribution to research and study centers across the globe, via our international network including Amazon, Ebsco/GOBI, ProQuest, and Ingram.

  • A book published with us is always in-stock, and always available for sale, thanks to our unique Print on Time global distribution system.

  • An escalating royalty payment—the more titles sold, the higher the royalty rate, from the first copy sold.

  • No charges for publication.

Our authors also can contribute to our unique Book in Focus series, which you can read about on our website.


Submit a book proposal and for further information

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