The Association for Documentary Editing: Representation and Recovery

Representation and Recovery
A Virtual Meeting of the Association for Documentary Editing
Hosted by Dickinson State University
June & July 2021

To promote a wide range of conversations, the Association for Documentary Editing (ADE) will hold this year’s program in two portions, with an “annual meeting” on June 24–27, and “conference/networking sessions” on July 6, 13, 20, and 27. All events will be held virtually. Live sessions will be made available on Zoom, and recordings (where permitted) will be made available on the ADE’s YouTube channel.

ANNUAL MEETING | June 24–27 2021:
During the last weekend of June, we will hold sessions required by ADE’s governance. We will also use this time to hold sessions in partnership with the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University, the previously designated location of the 2021 conference. To support the costs of conference hosting while also remaining sensitive to financial strains during this ongoing health crisis, this portion of the conference includes tiered registration fees:

  • Patron: $25 (or more)
  • Standard: $20
  • Student, Retired, Independent Scholars: $10
  • Pay What You Can: We recognize that the past year has been financially difficult for many and welcome donations anywhere below $10. Any donations over $25 are also welcome and will be considered a Patron-level donation.

The events of 2020 highlight a long-standing threat to our multifaceted cultural heritage, including the absence of equitable representation. Black people, Indigenous peoples, US Latinos, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, women, GLBTQ+ and those of the Global South are underrepresented within the fields of editing and archival and community-based curation and recovery. As one of many groups participating in scholarly and public communication, we are extending the conference to include a series of public forums that address such inequities.

On Tuesdays in July, the ADE will host multiple sessions in an effort to facilitate interdisciplinary conversation and reflect on the conference CFP’s themes of social justice, representation and recovery. Given the importance and value of such conversations, this portion of the conference will be free.

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Posted: May 10, 2021
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