Clio Invites OAH Attendees to Discuss the Value of the History Profession

Clio invites OAH attendees to take part in this video project at the 2018 OAH Annual Meeting. To get involved please email Kyle Warmack or drop by booth 116!

These 15 minute interviews will consider the following six questions:

1.      What is the value of a liberal arts education and what are the unique skills, perspectives, and experiences that come from studying history?

2.      How is understanding history essential to citizenship and the well-being of a republic?

3.      What should a student understand and be able to do with a bachelor’s degree in history? A M.A.? A Ph.D.?

4.      In addition to research and teaching, what are some of the skills one learns in a history program that might be applicable to a variety of careers?  

5.      What is the purpose of college and what advice would you give to a student who is considering a major?

6.      How is the study of history connected to other degree programs and courses of study?


Posted: April 4, 2018
Tagged: Conference, Around the Profession