Notifications for the 2020 OAH Annual Meeting | Conference on American Historians Submissions Now Posted

The OAH Program Committee is pleased to announce that decisions regarding the 2020 OAH Annual Meeting | Conference on American History submissions are now posted.

If you submitted a proposal for the conference taking place in Washington, D.C., from April 2 to 5,  please log into the OAH User Portal and view the announcement on your home page.

What happens now?
If your submission was accepted, you must complete your speaker agreement to confirm you received the notification and intend to participate. All participants in your session have to complete their agreements before your session will be included in the meeting schedule. All speaker agreements must be completed by July 1, 2019.

The agreement ensures full transparency for participants regarding the policies that govern your participation. It allows you to determine how you would like to be listed in publications, and allows us to share and collect information that is pertinent to your participation. By signing the agreement you acknowledge acceptance of OAH policies.

Do not forget to connect with your fellow participants!
Though we notify everyone using the emails listed in their accounts, some people may have previously opted out of Constant Contact (our email service), or the emails we have on file may be obsolete. Please connect with your fellow participants to ensure everyone has received the message and has completed their speaker agreement.

Please refer to the 2020 Participant Information page for helpful dates and information!


How do I log in to the OAH User Portal?
Please go to and enter your username and password.

I am not an OAH member and have never set up an account--do I sign up for a new account?
No, do not sign up for a new account. When you were added to the session proposal an account was automatically created for you. During the submission you received an automated email asking you to finalize your account. If you did not complete that request, please complete the actions found below under "I do not remember my username and password."

I do not remember my username and password.
Please click on the "Forgot your username or password?" link on the page. Please enter your last name and email address. An automated email will be issued containing a security link that is only valid for 48 hours. If you click on the link past the 48 hour deadline, it will not work. If you request more than one reset, please use the most recent automated email to ensure you are using the active security link.

I have requested my username and password and the system cannot find me.
You most likely have multiple accounts or are listed under a different email in the system. Please contact our office at 812 855 7311 (8am-5pm ET) or email for assistance.

I have logged in and do not see the notification.
Please contact or call our office at 812 855 7311 (8am-5pm ET). You likely have more than one account in the system with your session being linked to a duplicate account.

I received a "pending accept." What does that mean?
A "pending accept" means that there are still outstanding speaker agreements for one or more of your fellow session participants. Once all participants of your session have completed their speaker agreement, the "pending accept," will switch to an "accept." You may view outstanding speaker agreements by clicking "Session Proposals" and selecting your 2020 session. 

What is a speaker agreement?
The speaker agreement indicates to the OAH that you have received the formal notification, understand the policies of participation, and confirms your intent to participate. Failure to complete your agreement by July 1 will result in your removal from the program. It is important that you be in touch with all other participants in your session to ensure they have completed their agreement within the deadline.

When are speaker agreements due and what happens if I miss the deadline?
Speaker agreements are due by July 1, 2019. If we do not receive your speaker agreement by this date, you may be pulled from the program.

I was invited/solicited to participate, do I still need to complete the agreement and adhere to the OAH policies?
Yes, all participants must complete the agreement and adhere to OAH policies including registering for the meeting and being a current OAH member.

I have a question about my participation, who can I contact?
Please view the list of frequently asked questions, dates, and other information here. If you need additional assistance, please contact 

Posted: May 14, 2019
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