27 Historians Appointed to the OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program in 2022

The Organization of American Historians welcomes the addition of 27 historians to the Distinguished Lectureship Program. Appointed by OAH President Erika Lee and recommended by subcommittee, the new speakers join a renowned roster of U. S. historians who share their expertise and research with a variety of audiences across the country.

This year’s group offers deep expertise on a range of American history topics including Civil Rights, Capitalism, Immigration, Labor, Education, Gender, Slavery, Race, Public Health, LGBTQ+, Politics, the 1960’s, Social Movements, and on the histories of Asian Americans, African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans.

“We are honored to have these exceptional U. S. historians representing the OAH as Distinguished Lecturers," says OAH Executive Director Beth English. "By sharing their scholarship and insights through the Distinguished Lectureship Program, they bring context to many of today’s significant national and global issues while advancing OAH’s mission to promote excellence in history and encourage wide discussion of historical questions.”

Distinguished Lecturers can be scheduled for in-person or virtual keynote addresses and lectures, to headline special events, historical commemorations, and conferences, and to lead workshops and professional development events.

For four decades, the Distinguished Lectureship Program has been an important volunteer service and outreach endeavor of the Organization of American Historians since its establishment in 1981 by OAH President Gerda Lerner. Participants of the program agree to donate lecture fees to the OAH during their renewable three-year terms.

For a complete list of participating speakers and topics, upcoming lectures, information about costs and how to schedule a speaker through the OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program, visit https://www.oah.org/lectures.

2022 OAH Distinguished Lecturers:

Eiichiro Azuma University of Pennsylvania
William Bauer UNLV
Maylei S. Blackwell UCLA
Brenda J. Child University of Minnesota
Amanda Cobb-Greetham University of Oklahoma
Matthew J. Countryman University of Michigan
Jennifer M. Guglielmo Smith College
Françoise N. Hamlin Brown University
Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers University of California, Berkeley
S. Deborah Kang University of Virginia
Kevin Kenny New York University
Shelley Sang-Hee Lee Brown University
Simeon Man UC San Diego
Verónica Martínez-Matsuda Cornell University
John Mckiernan-González Texas State University
Anthony P. Mora University of Michigan
George Derek Musgrove University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Johann Neem Western Washington University
Hannah Rosen William & Mary
Nayan Shah University of Southern California
Rachel A. Shelden Penn State University
Jason Scott Smith University of New Mexico
William Sturkey University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amy Sueyoshi San Francisco State University
Elizabeth Todd-Breland University of Illinois at Chicago
Chia Youyee Vang University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Michael J. Witgen Columbia University

Posted: September 8, 2022
Tagged: Lectureship / Speakers