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Women's History Month

OAH Distinguished Lecturers are scholars and storytellers, uniquely qualified to bring historical context to today’s most important issues. The Distinguished Lectureship Program, a speakers bureau devoted to U. S. history, features more than 150 historians who study and speak on American women's experiences. Invite one of our speakers to virtually engage with your community by booking a recorded or live online lecture. 

I will continue to use the OAH Lectureship Program. It is such a wonderful way to bring top notch scholars to students and our community. Sally Hanchett is a treasure and an asset. She goes above and beyond as we navigate this new virtual format.

Sarah Langsdon, Stewart Library Special Collections - Weber State University

Featured Lecturer

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Peter Charles Hoffer

Peter Charles Hoffer is a Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Georgia, where he has taught since 1978. He teaches and writes on early American history, legal history, and historical methods. A graduate student of Bernard Bailyn while at Harvard University, Hoffer has also taught at Ohio State University, the University of Notre Dame, and Brooklyn College. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including most recently A Nation of Laws: America’s Imperfect Pursuit of Justice (2010), Cry Liberty: The Great Stono River Slave Rebellion of 1739 (2011), For Ourselves and Our Posterity: The Preamble to the Constitution in American History...
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Featured Lecture

What's Wrong with History

Declining numbers of majors and disappearing faith in the possibility of historical objectivity--reasons why, and what is to be done.

""Fake history" is a lie that conceals prejudice despite a preponderance of evidence. Zombie history refuses to die, and if we let it, it will kill all historical truth. "