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OAH Distinguished Lecturers are scholars and storytellers, uniquely qualified to bring historical context to today’s most important issues. Invite one of our speakers to virtually engage with your community on any U. S. history topic by booking a recorded or live online webinar with Q&A.

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Christopher Miller, Community Programs Manager - National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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Geraldo Cadava

Geraldo Cadava teaches in the history department at Northwestern University. He is the author of two books, Standing on Common Ground (2016), about the U.S.-Mexico border since World War II, and The Hispanic Republican (2020) about how the Republican Party developed a remarkably loyal base of Hispanic support since the 1960s. His research and teaching interests are broad and include Latinx, immigration, and borderlands history, and the relationship between the past and the present. At Northwestern, he has taught courses on Watergate, the musical Hamilton, and the history of the 2016 election.

Featured Lecture

The U.S.-Mexico Border in Historical Perspective

This lecture will be about the evolution of the border between the United States and Mexico--and debates about that border--from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. The bookends of the talk will be the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the U.S.-Mexico War, before which there was no border to speak of, and Donald Trump's chants of "Build the Wall" in the 21st century.

"Border walls between the United States and Mexico are unnatural divisions; products of history and human action, not nature. "