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Honoring Native American Heritage

Calvin Coolidge with group of Native Americans outside White House

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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program features 42 speakers specializing in Native American history.

OAH Lecturers can be booked as guest speakers for in-person or virtual keynote addresses and lectures, book talks, to headline special events, conferences, and historical commemorations, and to lead workshops and professional development events.

Virtual OAH Lectures Offered

The Distinguished Lectureship Program has coordinated hundreds of virtual events for colleges, libraries, schools, historical societies, faith-based organizations, professional development workshops, museums, and community organizations. Virtual format options include live online presentations with Q&A, custom-recorded talks, as well as hybrid events (for an in-person audience and virtual attendees.)

The OAH Lectureship Program is a great program connecting leading scholars with individual institutions and the general public. The program coordinator has been very helpful in organizing the event and ensuring its success from the beginning to the end.

Lisong Liu, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Massachusetts

About the Speaker

Heather A. Huyck's long career as a public historian bridges academically based history and place-based history, especially as found in the National Park Service system (she has visited 324 of the 419 national park sites). Trained in history and anthropology to focus on cultural resources, she worke...


Featured Lecture

Doing Women's History in Public: Using Tangible Resources to Enliven our Understanding

Womens history scholarship which initially researched letters and diaries now incorporates oral and visual sources, and increasingly includes the tangible resources of objects, landscapes and architecture found in museums, parks and historic houses. Drawing on her recent Doing Womens History in Publ...