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Honoring Native American Heritage

Calvin Coolidge with group of Native Americans outside White House

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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program features 42 speakers specializing in Native American history.

OAH Lecturers can be booked as guest speakers for in-person or virtual keynote addresses and lectures, book talks, to headline special events, conferences, and historical commemorations, and to lead workshops and professional development events.

Virtual OAH Lectures Offered

The Distinguished Lectureship Program has coordinated hundreds of virtual events for colleges, libraries, schools, historical societies, faith-based organizations, professional development workshops, museums, and community organizations. Virtual format options include live online presentations with Q&A, custom-recorded talks, as well as hybrid events (for an in-person audience and virtual attendees.)

I am pleased to report that we had an excellent Maine Town Meeting at the Margaret Chase Smith Library last week with OAH Distinguished Lecturer Robert Brent Toplin as our featured speaker. The topic of fake news and the role of the media in modern American society proved highly popular. Comments afterward have been very favorable. One man remarked as he left at the end of the day that it had been a “world-class” program.

David Richards, Director, Margaret Chase Smith Library, Maine

About the Speaker

Nicole Burrowes is an assistant professor in the department of history at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Her research and teaching interests include social justice movements, comparative histories of racialization and colonialism, Black Internationalism, and the politics of solidarity, with a fo...


Featured Lecture

Building the World We Want to See: Sista II Sista and the Struggle Against Interpersonal and State Violence

During the 1990s, Black and Latinx young women came together to create the Sista II Sista Freedom School for Young Women of Color in Brooklyn, NY. After two young women were killed by police, they began to organize, connecting issues of state-sanctioned violence, the historical lack of protection of...