The following OAH Distinguished Lecturers study and speak on the 1960s. Let these historians help your audience understand more about this dynamic era and the changes it brought to American culture and society.

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Jeremi Suri

Power and Protest in the 1960s

In this lecture, Jeremi Suri puts the tumultuous 1960s into a truly international perspective in the first study to examine the connections between great power diplomacy and global social protest. Profoundly disturbed by increasing social and political discontent, Cold War powers united on the...(Read More)

Barbara L. Tischler

Muhammad Ali: Man of Many Voices

More than a boxer, Muhammad Ali stands as a representative of 1960s culture as a fighter, a self-promoter, draft resister, and a member of the Nation of Islam. This talk focuses on Ali’s transition from Golden Gloves champion to a successful petitioner for justice before the Supreme Court. Read More

Andrew Hartman

A War for the Soul of America

This lecture, based on my 2015 book, is about the history of the culture wars, that dramatic struggle which pitted liberal, progressive, and secular Americans against their conservative, traditional, and religious counterparts, and that captured the attention of the nation during the 1980s and...(Read More)

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