African American History

African-american women wearing coveralls standing in front of a building

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Photographs and Prints Division, The New York Public Library. "African American women in industry" The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1939 - 1945.

The following lecturers specialize in African American history.


Nan Elizabeth Woodruff

The New Negro in the American Congo: The Elaine, Arkansas, Racial Massacre, 1919

This lecture discusses the Elaine, Arkansas Massacre that occurred in 1919. It describes the ways that black people had been politicized during World War I, focusing on their organized activities to claim their citizenship rights. The Elaine Massacre represented the efforts of the local, state, and...(Read More)

Mia Bay

"The Ambidexter Philosopher": Thomas Jefferson in Free Black Political Thought

This talk focuses on African American ideas about Thomas Jefferson from the American Revolution through to the post-emancipation era. An overview of African American commentary on Jefferson in speeches, letters, books, pamphlets and other available testimony, it explores how such works document the...(Read More)

Spencer Crew

African American Migration: The Great Migration, 1915-1940

The presentation chronicles the movement of African Americans from the South to the North during and after WWI. It looks at the factors which propelled them to leave the south like the boll weevil, segregation laws and economic discrimination as well as the factors drawing them north such as new...(Read More)

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