American Indian History

C.M. Bell, photographer. Two Moons & Am. Horse. , None. [Between 1873 and 1890] Photograph.


Andrew R. Graybill

Mild West and Wild West: Canadian and American Frontiers in Comparative Perspective

Using the Canadian Mounties and the Texas Rangers as a frame, this lecture explores the differences as well as the surprising similarities that characterized the nineteenth-century frontiers at either end of the Great Plains, with particular attention to ecology, Native peoples, and the persistence...(Read More)

Carolyn Eastman

The Indian Censures the White Man: Americans’ Preoccupation with Indian Eloquence

Eloquent Indian speeches served as models for fine oratory to Americans in the years after the Revolution—even though these speeches frequently condemned Americans for their hypocrisy and guilt for Indian suffering. This talk explores how it was that, at the very moment Americans sought new...(Read More)

Alexandra Harmon

Rich Indians and the Dilemmas They Have Presented

At various times and places in American history, from the first European colonial projects to the present, some Indians have possessed substantial wealth, and their unexpected affluence has provoked telling controversies. Those controversies are significant episodes in Americans' long struggle with...(Read More)

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