Great Speakers for Campus Events

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Robert F. Jefferson Jr. standing with students at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Robert F. Jefferson Jr., University of New Mexico, with students at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program connects student leaders and campus event organizers with engaging guest speakers who specialize in American history. Our historians have been hosted by numerous student-led groups including graduate student associations, honor societies, history clubs, and multicultural student centers. Our roster includes Pulitzer and Bancroft Prize winners as well as outstanding teachers whose expertise has been recognized by their universities.

See what we have to offer:

Lecture fees start at $1,000, payable to the OAH, plus travel expenses, reimbursable directly to the speaker. We can work with student groups to minimize costs.

Contact us with any questions or to start the invitation process for your next guest speaker.

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Bethany Moreton speaking at Emory University           OAH Distinguished Lecturer Stephen Kantrowitz speaking at Beloit College       

(L-R): OAH Distinguished Lecturer Bethany Moreton speaking at Emory University

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Stephen Kantrowitz speaking at Beloit College
OAH Distinguished Lecturer Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, University of California, Irvine, speaking at Sarah Lawrence College