Metzner, A. Troops of the 32nd Regiment, Indiana Volunteers. United States, None. [Between 1861 and 1865] [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program features nearly 100 historians who study and speak on the Civil War (1861-1865). Mark the war's lasting impacts on American life and culture by hosting an OAH Distinguished Lecturer.


Manisha Sinha

Allies for Emancipation? Lincoln and Black Abolitionists

This talk examines how abolitionists pushed for emancipation during the Civil War. Drawing from Sinha's forthcoming work on abolition, it illustrates how African Americans and abolitionists pushed President Lincoln to occupy abolitionist ground, emancipation without compensation and black rights....(Read More)

Lesley J. Gordon

George E. Pickett in Life and Legend

The man who gave his name to the greatest failed frontal attack in American military history, George E. Pickett is among the most famous Confederate...(Read More)

Steven E. Woodworth

The Religious World of Civil War Soldiers

The young men, North and South, who marched away from their homes to fight in the Civil War were destined for many surprises when they reached the fighting fronts. For some of them the biggest of those surprises was the discovery that their foes worshipped the same God, believed the same theology,...(Read More)

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