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The following lecturers specialize in Depression history.

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Picture of Eric Arnesen
Eric Arnesen
George Washington University

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Picture of Matthew L. Basso
Matthew L. Basso
University of Utah

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Picture of Ballard C. Campbell
Ballard C. Campbell
Northeastern University (Emeritus)

Picture of Robert W. Cherny
Robert W. Cherny
San Francisco State University (Emeritus)

Picture of Dorothy Sue Cobble
Dorothy Sue Cobble
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Picture of Jefferson Cowie
Jefferson Cowie
Vanderbilt University

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Picture of Erika Doss
Erika Doss
University of Notre Dame

Picture of Thomas Dublin
Thomas Dublin
Binghamton University, State University of New York

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Picture of Elliott J. Gorn
Elliott J. Gorn
Loyola University, Chicago

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Picture of Louis Hyman
Louis Hyman
Cornell University and Director, Institute for Workplace Studies

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Picture of John W.  Jeffries
John W. Jeffries
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Emeritus)

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Picture of David Kennedy
David Kennedy
Stanford University (Emeritus)
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of James Livingston
James Livingston
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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Picture of Jennifer Mittelstadt
Jennifer Mittelstadt
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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Picture of Kathryn Olmsted
Kathryn Olmsted
University of California, Davis

Picture of Stephen R. Ortiz
Stephen R. Ortiz
Binghamton University, State University of New York

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Picture of Sarah T. Phillips
Sarah T. Phillips
Boston University

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Picture of Jarod Roll
Jarod Roll
University of Mississippi

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Picture of Constance B. Schulz
Constance B. Schulz
University of South Carolina (Emeritus)

Picture of Bryant Simon
Bryant Simon
Temple University

Picture of Landon R. Storrs
Landon R. Storrs
University of Iowa

Picture of Matthew Avery Sutton
Matthew Avery Sutton
Washington State University

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Picture of Robert Brent Toplin
Robert Brent Toplin
University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Emeritus) and University of Virginia

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Picture of Marsha Weisiger
Marsha Weisiger
University of Oregon

Picture of Allan M. Winkler
Allan M. Winkler
Miami University (Emeritus)
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of David M. Wrobel
David M. Wrobel
University of Oklahoma

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