Selected Speakers

Widely sought audiences at colleges, libraries, museums, community centers, and historical societies, OAH Distinguished Lecturers speak, research, write, and teach on all aspects of American history. Among our speakers who consider U.S. military history:

  • Jennifer Keene and Chad Williams have spoken about African American soldiers at the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, jointly sponsored with Park University.
  • Kathleen DuVal has spoken on the American Revolution at the Virginia Military Institute, jointly sponsored with the Society of Cincinnati.
  • Edward Ayers, David Blight, Stephanie McCurry, and dozens of others spoke during Civil War sesquicentennial events across the country.
  • John W. Hall has spoken about early American warfare at the U.S. Military Academy, the Army Heritage and Education Center, and the Pritzker Military Library.

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The following lecturers specialize in Military history.

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Picture of Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez
University of California, San Diego

Picture of Fred Anderson
Fred Anderson
University of Colorado Boulder (Emeritus)

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Picture of Matthew L. Basso
Matthew L. Basso
University of Utah

Picture of William A. Blair
William A. Blair
Penn State University

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Picture of Ballard C. Campbell
Ballard C. Campbell
Northeastern University (Emeritus)

Picture of Christopher Capozzola
Christopher Capozzola
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Peter S. Carmichael
Peter S. Carmichael
Gettysburg College
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of Mary L. Dudziak
Mary L. Dudziak
Emory University
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of John Ferling
John Ferling
University of West Georgia (Emeritus)

Picture of Barbara J. Fields
Barbara J. Fields
Columbia University

Picture of Paul Finkelman
Paul Finkelman
Gratz College

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Picture of Joseph T. Glatthaar
Joseph T. Glatthaar
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Picture of Lesley J. Gordon
Lesley J. Gordon
University of Alabama
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Mark Grimsley
Mark Grimsley
Ohio State University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Thomas A. Guglielmo
Thomas A. Guglielmo
George Washington University

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Picture of John W. Hall
John W. Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Picture of William M. Hammond
William M. Hammond
University of Maryland, College Park (Emeritus)

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Picture of Benjamin H. Irvin
Benjamin H. Irvin
Indiana University

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Picture of Robert F. Jefferson Jr.
Robert F. Jefferson Jr.
University of New Mexico

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Picture of Peter Karsten
Peter Karsten
University of Pittsburgh

Picture of Jennifer Keene
Jennifer Keene
Chapman University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of David Kennedy
David Kennedy
Stanford University (Emeritus)
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Daniel J. Kevles
Daniel J. Kevles
Yale University (Emeritus)

Picture of Bruce Kuklick
Bruce Kuklick
University of Pennsylvania

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Picture of Meredith H. Lair
Meredith H. Lair
George Mason University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Jerry Lembcke
Jerry Lembcke
College of the Holy Cross

Picture of Elizabeth D. Leonard
Elizabeth D. Leonard
Colby College
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of James Marten
James Marten
Marquette University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Kate Masur
Kate Masur
Northwestern University

Picture of Stephanie McCurry
Stephanie McCurry
Columbia University
 Has Audio Presentation

Picture of Micki McElya
Micki McElya *
University of Connecticut

Picture of Carol L. McKibben
Carol L. McKibben
Stanford University

Picture of Alan McPherson
Alan McPherson
Temple University

Picture of Jennifer Mittelstadt
Jennifer Mittelstadt
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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Picture of Scott Reynolds Nelson
Scott Reynolds Nelson
University of Georgia

Picture of Roger L. Nichols
Roger L. Nichols
University of Arizona (Emeritus)

Picture of Kenneth W.  Noe
Kenneth W. Noe
Auburn University

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Picture of Stephen R. Ortiz
Stephen R. Ortiz
Binghamton University, State University of New York

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Picture of T. Michael Parrish
T. Michael Parrish
Baylor University

Picture of Matthew Pinsker
Matthew Pinsker
Dickinson College
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Rebecca Jo Plant
Rebecca Jo Plant
University of California, San Diego

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Picture of Heather Cox Richardson
Heather Cox Richardson
Boston College

Picture of Anne Sarah Rubin
Anne Sarah Rubin
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of Thomas Alan Schwartz
Thomas Alan Schwartz
Vanderbilt University

Picture of Aaron Sheehan-Dean
Aaron Sheehan-Dean
Louisiana State University
 Has Audio Presentation

Picture of Merritt Roe Smith
Merritt Roe Smith
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Picture of James T. Sparrow
James T. Sparrow
University of Chicago

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Picture of Jonathan W. White
Jonathan W. White
Christopher Newport University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Chad Williams
Chad Williams
Brandeis University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Frank J. Williams
Frank J. Williams
Supreme Court of Rhode Island

Picture of Kenneth J. Winkle
Kenneth J. Winkle
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Picture of John Fabian Witt
John Fabian Witt
Yale University

Picture of Steven E. Woodworth
Steven E. Woodworth
Texas Christian University

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