Edith B. Gelles

An American Dynasty: Abigail and John, Louisa and John Quincy

Absent the Adamses—Abigail and John, Louisa Catherine and John Quincy—from American history and the written chronicle of our country’s past would be altered. And poorer. Not just because all of the Adamses were great patriots who sacrificed in order to birth and grow and cultivate the country,...(Read More)

Rosemarie Zagarri

Founding Mothers: How Women Shaped the American Revolution

This talk discusses the legal and political status of women prior to the American Revolution, followed by a discussion of their activities and mobilization in support of the American Revolution. Particular attention is paid to specific women such as Phillis Wheatley, Esther DeBerdt Reed, and the...(Read More)

Don H. Doyle

Secession as an International Phenomenon

Half the nations of the modern day arrived in what we cheerfully call the “family of nations” through ugly political divorces, that involved violent rebellions, civil wars, foreign intervention. This lecture views the American Revolution and the American Civil War as major historical precedents...(Read More)

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