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The following lecturers specialize in Revolutionary and Early National history.

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Picture of Catherine Allgor
Catherine Allgor
Massachusetts Historical Society

Picture of Virginia DeJohn Anderson
Virginia DeJohn Anderson
University of Colorado Boulder

Picture of Stephen Aron
Stephen Aron
University of California, Los Angeles

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Picture of Mia Bay
Mia Bay
University of Pennsylvania

Picture of Terry Bouton
Terry Bouton
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Picture of Catherine A. Brekus
Catherine A. Brekus
Harvard University

Picture of Holly Brewer
Holly Brewer
University of Maryland

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Picture of Richard Carwardine
Richard Carwardine
Oxford University (Emeritus)

Picture of Peter A. Coclanis
Peter A. Coclanis
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Picture of Charles L. Cohen
Charles L. Cohen
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Emeritus)

Picture of Seth Cotlar
Seth Cotlar
Willamette University

Picture of Edward Countryman
Edward Countryman
Southern Methodist University

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Picture of Cornelia H. Dayton
Cornelia H. Dayton
University of Connecticut

Picture of Catherine Denial
Catherine Denial
Knox College

Picture of Gregory Evans Dowd
Gregory Evans Dowd
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Kathleen DuVal
Kathleen DuVal
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of Carolyn Eastman
Carolyn Eastman
Virginia Commonwealth University

Picture of Laura F. Edwards
Laura F. Edwards
Duke University

Picture of Todd Estes
Todd Estes
Oakland University

Picture of Nicole Eustace
Nicole Eustace
New York University

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Picture of Ann Fabian
Ann Fabian
Rutgers University-New Brunswick (Emeritus)

Picture of John Fea
John Fea
Messiah College

Picture of John Ferling
John Ferling
University of West Georgia (Emeritus)

Picture of Paul Finkelman
Paul Finkelman
Gratz College

Picture of Lacy K. Ford
Lacy K. Ford
University of South Carolina

Picture of Joanne B. Freeman
Joanne B. Freeman
Yale University

Picture of François Furstenberg
François Furstenberg
Johns Hopkins University
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of Edith B. Gelles
Edith B. Gelles
Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

Picture of Paul A. Gilje
Paul A. Gilje
University of Oklahoma (Emeritus)

Picture of Richard Godbeer
Richard Godbeer
Virginia Commonwealth University

Picture of Sarah Barringer Gordon
Sarah Barringer Gordon
University of Pennsylvania
 Has Audio Presentation

Picture of Eliga H. Gould
Eliga H. Gould
University of New Hampshire

Picture of Patrick Griffin
Patrick Griffin
University of Notre Dame

Picture of Ariela J. Gross
Ariela J. Gross
University of Southern California

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Picture of John W. Hall
John W. Hall
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Picture of Pekka Hämäläinen
Pekka Hämäläinen
Oxford University

Picture of J. William Harris
J. William Harris
University of New Hampshire

Picture of Leslie Harris
Leslie Harris
Northwestern University

Picture of Ellen Hartigan-O
Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor
University of California, Davis

Picture of Christine Leigh Heyrman
Christine Leigh Heyrman
University of Delaware

Picture of Peter Charles Hoffer
Peter Charles Hoffer
University of Georgia

Picture of Frederick E. Hoxie
Frederick E. Hoxie
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Emeritus)
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of Benjamin H. Irvin
Benjamin H. Irvin
Indiana University

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Picture of Mary Kelley
Mary Kelley
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Picture of Cynthia A. Kierner
Cynthia A. Kierner
George Mason University

Picture of Wilma King
Wilma King
University of Missouri-Columbia (Emeritus)

Picture of Sarah Knott
Sarah Knott *
Indiana University

Picture of Barbara Krauthamer
Barbara Krauthamer
University of Massachusetts Amherst
 Has Video Presentation

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Picture of Jen Manion
Jen Manion
Amherst College

Picture of Maeva Marcus
Maeva Marcus
New-York Historical Society and George Washington University
 Has Video Presentation

Picture of Joanne Pope Melish
Joanne Pope Melish
University of Kentucky

Picture of Marla R. Miller
Marla R. Miller
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Picture of Jennifer L. Morgan
Jennifer L. Morgan
New York University

Picture of Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan
Johns Hopkins University

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Picture of Richard S. Newman
Richard S. Newman
Library Company of Philadelphia

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Picture of Peter S. Onuf
Peter S. Onuf
Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, Monticello and University of Virginia (Emeritus)

Picture of Jason M. Opal
Jason M. Opal
McGill University

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Picture of Marcus Rediker
Marcus Rediker
University of Pittsburgh and Collège d'études mondiales/Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme

Picture of Adam Rothman
Adam Rothman
Georgetown University

Picture of Joshua Rothman
Joshua Rothman
University of Alabama

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Picture of Bethel Saler
Bethel Saler *
Haverford College

Picture of Virginia Scharff
Virginia Scharff
University of New Mexico

Picture of Constance B. Schulz
Constance B. Schulz
University of South Carolina (Emeritus)

Picture of Carole Shammas
Carole Shammas
University of Southern California (Emeritus)

Picture of Timothy J. Shannon
Timothy J. Shannon
Gettysburg College

Picture of Sheila L. Skemp
Sheila L. Skemp
University of Mississippi (Emeritus)

Picture of Terri L. Snyder
Terri L. Snyder
California State University, Fullerton

Picture of Brenda E. Stevenson
Brenda E. Stevenson
University of California, Los Angeles

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Picture of Joe William Trotter Jr.
Joe William Trotter Jr.
Carnegie Mellon University

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Picture of Wendy Warren
Wendy Warren *
Princeton University

Picture of Harry L. Watson
Harry L. Watson
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Picture of Craig Steven Wilder
Craig Steven Wilder
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Picture of Caroline Winterer
Caroline Winterer
Stanford University

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Picture of Kariann Akemi Yokota
Kariann Akemi Yokota
University of Colorado, Denver

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Picture of Rosemarie Zagarri
Rosemarie Zagarri
George Mason University
 Has Video Presentation

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