The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program, a speakers bureau devoted to American history, features more than 30 historians who speak about teaching history, including:

Seasoned leaders of teacher workshops, OAH Distinguished Lecturers can offer professional development opportunities suitable for history and English language arts teachers who are adapting to Common Core state standards.

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Anne M. Boylan

Now Appearing at Your Local Multiplex: History!

Students coming into our classes bring with them assorted chunks of historical and legal knowledge, gleaned mostly from movies and TV. (Ask any student to recite the "perp's" Miranda rights, and most will be able to do so verbatim because they have seen so many crime shows.) At the same time, we...(Read More)

Andy Mink

Where Do I Come From? Family History in the Classroom

Family history provides students with an opportunity to investigate the historical record along the narrative line of a "first person" approach (or, by researching their own family history) or a "third person" approach (or, by researching other family histories). By providing this personal narrative...(Read More)

David H. Jackson Jr.

The Sacred Mission of the African Scholar

This lecture examines the major areas of focus scholars of the African Diaspora should have while they are doing their work as researchers and teachers. Read More

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