Highsmith, Carol M, photographer. Vietnam memorial soldiers by Frederick Hart, Washington, D.C. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress

The following OAH Distinguished Lecturers study and speak on the history and public memory of the Vietnam War (1955-1975).

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Christian G. Appy wrote a series of commentaries for the blog Process about the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary The Vietnam War, (PBS, Sept. 2017). Start with his introduction here.

OAH Distinguished Lecturer Jerry Lembcke also wrote about the documentary here.

Find additional OAH Distinguished Lecturers who specialize in the history of the 1960s here.


Joan Hoff

Jeannette Rankin: Her Visible and Invisible Legacy

Rankin’s rhetorical abilities and her visible hard work on behalf of peace in the 1920s and 1930s and later against the Vietnam war have been much praised and written about. But the fact remains those activities came to naught. This is her invisible legacy that we seldom discuss, but we should...(Read More)

Jerry Lembcke

The War in Vietnam: Studies in Remembrance and Legacy, 2000–2014 (based on his Choice essay)

drawn from the June 2016 Choice magazine essay by the same title Read More

David M. Wrobel

John Steinbeck's America, II: Steinbeck and War, from World War II to Vietnam

John Steinbeck was the first American writer of note to speak out against the policy of internment and relocation of Japanese and Japanese Americans on the West Coast. He served as a propagandist for the U.S government during World War II (while simultaneously begin investigated by the government...(Read More)

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