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“Ephemera Across Borders: Documenting American Immigration History” dives into the crucial significance of collecting and preserving material and visual culture as a means of understanding United States immigration history. Everyday items carry deep narratives of the immigrant experience, reflecting hopes, dreams, and challenges of newcomers who have shaped the nation. This talk provides insight into how these fleeting traces of the past offer valuable insights into US immigration history, transcending borders and time. Explore the role of museums, archives, and curators in safeguarding these artifacts, ensuring that the complexities of immigration history are preserved for future generations. Salazar-Porzio unravels the hidden stories within visual and material culture, shedding light on the enduring legacy of those who journeyed to make the United States their home. Attendees will discover how these artifacts become powerful lenses through which we can understand immigrant experiences and their profound impact on the United States.


Immigration Public History and Memory

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Margaret Salazar-Porzio

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