Lecture Description

When students are given the opportunity to explore primary sources, the class itself transforms to a highly collaborative, problem-based classroom in which the individual student contribute to the direction, the pace, and the outcome of their study. If technology creates more opportunities for teachers and students to access information, that access brings the responsibility of redefining the classroom to emphasize, reward, and expect a different type of learning. This learning can be measured using technology by providing students with a richer format to express their historical thinking than simply text.

This session will introduce emerging technologies into the history classroom in ways that can impact and reflect solid scholarship and hands-on learning. With a strong emphasis on the best pedagogical approaches, these technologies will be agnostic to platform and classroom-friendly. Some of these approaches include (but are not limited to) geospatial technology, augmented reality, digital textbooks, digital simulations, and video documentaries. Historical topics will be determined in advance.


Digital history Teaching

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