A War Against Vegetables, A War Against Women: Haudenosaunee Women’s Experiences of the Revolution

One of the largest military campaigns of the American Revolution was over who would have the protection of gendered claims to domesticity and femininity.

Lecture Description

When George Washington ordered the “total destruction and devastation” of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) territories in 1779, the offensive was to that date the largest and most expensive campaign of the American Revolution. What became known as the Sullivan-Clinton campaign aimed squarely at the agricultural heart of Haudenosaunee women’s diplomatic power, cultural status, and national identity by burning cornfields and felling orchards. Continental soldiers constructed an American identity for themselves by destroying what they called Haudenosaunee women’s “homes of contentment,” and despite this Haudenosaunee women preserved their nations over the course of the war.


American Indian Revolutionary and Early National

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