A White Historian Explores “Race Riots”

The June, 2021 press coverage of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre was misleading. It was not an unusual event. Tulsa was one of many bloodbaths, Greenwood one of many thriving African American communities. Nor is it a “hidden history.” A staggering number of incidents could be called race riots, and they are not hard to find out about.

Lecture Description

Violent clashes between large crowds of different races have disturbed the social order in the United States since long before the Civil War, and the phrase “race riot” has been used to describe such disparate events as the Tulsa massacre of 1921, the 1968 uprisings following the assassination of Martin Luther King, and the anti-Chinese riots of the 1870s. Strasser investigates the term, and a history of racially charged violence that has framed American discussions of race throughout the nation’s history.


African American

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