An American Dynasty: Abigail and John, Louisa and John Quincy

Lecture Description

Absent the Adamses—Abigail and John, Louisa Catherine and John Quincy—from American history and the written chronicle of our country’s past would be altered. And poorer. Not just because all of the Adamses were great patriots who sacrificed in order to birth and grow and cultivate the country, but because they were writers. It is fair to say that had there been no Adams record, the history of the Revolution and early republic would be cast and framed differently.So the first point to make about the original Adamses is that they were writers. And their records encompass almost a century of American history, from the colonial period through the Civil War. Their letters contain information about statecraft, statesmen, ordinary people and personal issues. They are all brilliant writers. Their stories leave us with an indispensible history of their lives and times.


Presidential Revolutionary and Early National

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