Anne Moody and Voting Rights in the Era of Black Power: After Coming of Age in Mississippi

'After being kicked and dragged all over Woolworth’s with my nonviolence, I felt proud....and yet, deep down, I was miserable…[because]… I had been going against my deepest convictions about my own worth.... In the South, our humility and passive resistance before the vicious rednecks satisfied their sadism, just as our gratitude for Northern ‘aid’ satisfied the liberals’ need to feel guiltless and ‘moral.’' -- Anne Moody

Lecture Description

Anne Moody is best known for her civil rights activism and her acclaimed memoir, “Coming of Age in Mississippi” (1968). Until now, no one has known what happened in Moody’s life after her memoir ends in 1964. This talk shows how her thinking about civil rights evolved in response to her experiences in the South and then in the North. It will also show how Black Power brought voting rights to Moody’s hometown of Wilkinson County, Mississippi.


Biography Civil Rights

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