Asian/American Soldiering and Political Struggles in the Age of Decolonization

"If the story of Asian Americans in the military has been selectively told as part of the narrative of US liberal inclusion, then the story of their resistance to US war and militarism has been all but obscured. ... Consistently it is the workers of the US war machine - the soldiers, base workers, sex workers - and those who live in the shadows of the US military, who have developed a critical analysis of their militarized existence and who have linked their antimilitarism struggles across national borders."

Lecture Description

This lecture examines the histories of colonialism and US state formation that shaped Asian/Americans’ desires to serve in the US military in the twentieth century. Participation in militarism offered a pathway to citizenship, but it also inadvertently opened other pathways toward a fuller conception of humanity, premised not on state violence but on internationalist solidarity and freedom struggles in the decolonizing world.


Asian American Social Movements

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