Back to the Future: The Past’s Roadmap to a Blue Texas

Surprisingly, history shows that Democrats in "red" states like Texas can win big by running to the left, by fully embracing struggles against racism/xenophobia and fights for economic justice. Recent returns reflect that, and social movement activists in the streets are poised to mobilize at the polls. Will politicians listen?

Lecture Description

This lecture draws on Max Krochmal’s award-winning book, *Blue Texas*, to survey both the mid-twentieth century and the recent history of civil rights and political organizing in the Lone Star State–as well as its future. With versions tailored for audiences within or outside Texas, the lecture explores the connections between grassroots social movements and formal electoral politics, the process of multiracial coalition-building, the best-practices of campaign field operations, the returns from recent elections (since 2016), today’s major social movements (including Black Lives Matter and the immigrant rights movement), and the state and national futures of Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, and other prominent Texas Democrats.


Politics Social Movements

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