Continental Imperialism on the 32nd Parallel

The counter-revolution of property in the Colorado River region charts a historical shift from a slaveholder oligarchy to an agro-business oligarchy, as it did in the southeastern US. Understanding this shift, and its implications for the strangulation of democracy, ecological crisis, and the violent abrogation of safety and dignity, are of the highest urgency in the present crisis.

Lecture Description

W.E.B. Du Bois’s magisterial Black Reconstruction provides keys for understanding settler colonialism and US expansion west of the Mississippi River. In this lecture, I draw from Du Bois’s argument about the counter-revolution of property as the historical and political context for the completion of the southern transcontinental railroad route. Following the historically intersecting paths of the Colorado River and the Southern Pacific Railroad between 1850 and 1930, we can chart a historical development of a regional economy rooted in monopoly control of agriculture, transportation, and mining, core components of continental imperialism in the Colorado River basin.


African American Capitalism

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