From Michelle Obama to Ivanka Trump: The History of Female Populism and the Future of Feminism

Lecture Description

We hear a great deal about populism since November 8, 2017 and the way that rural and small town people across the US felt left behind by the Democratic Party. In such discussions, the figure of the populist is typically figured as white and male, but is there such a thing as female populism? This talk explores how the media- and fashion-savvy figures of Ivanka Trump and Michelle Obama have variously captured the imaginations of white and black female voters who may not identify with “feminism” or the image of Hillary Clinton. It connects these identifications with populist women’s issues, especially the lack of federal childcare and family leave provisions. President Trump campaigned on the promise of a federal childcare program, developed by Ivanka, and Ivanka has begun to issue information on its shape. How do we read female populism’s import as a volatile political force and why do political commentators so often miss it?


Peace Populism

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