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To read and think about Karl Marx is to grapple with the modern world that capitalism has made. This includes modern America—especially modern America. Because the United States is the nation in world history most committed to capitalism, and because Marx is the world’s most enduring theorist of capitalism, Marx is a veritable American alter ego. Karl Marx in America will investigate the meaning of Americans reading and thinking about Marx from 1861, when Marx made waves across the Atlantic with his astute analysis of the U.S. Civil War, to the present, when Marx is on many American horizons yet again. Why Marx? That question continues to provoke. Isn’t Marx anathema? On the surface, perhaps. But as this book will show, Marx is a ghost in the American machine. The aim of this book is to demonstrate the ways in which Marx has long been embedded in American thought and life. If there is capitalism, there will be Marx.


Capitalism Intellectual

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