Murdered by the State: Race, Gender, Families, and Executions in History

Without the curiosity and collective lure of violence - as well as the action in between - many among the executed would remain forever unknown.

Lecture Description

This talk centers the building of statehood and nationhood by exploring the execution of its violent citizens. Moving across time and space, it shows the forcible death of black and white women, men, girls and most of all families lost in history and the memory of swift justice anchored on the symbolism of violence and ridding society of the unruly. By focusing on violence detonated by the state, we can more closely consider the tools, methods, the public and private spaces used to exact death, and to probe the treatment of the accused and executed. In short, this talk highlights how far the state will go in the building of a more perfect future, no matter the human casualties.


Crime, Violence, Incarceration Family

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Sowande' M. Mustakeem

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