Co-Curation by Communities of Courage

This talk is essential for cultural professionals, community organizers, and anyone interested in the intersection of social justice, representation, and cultural preservation.

Lecture Description

In this talk, Salazar-Porzio explored a powerful paradigm shift in the world of museums and cultural institutions. This presentation explores the transformative practice of co-curation, where communities with lived experiences take an active role in shaping their own narratives within the context of cultural heritage, exhibitions, and collections documentation. Discover how this approach empowers communities, amplifies their voices, and fosters a deeper connection to cultural institutions and shared history. Attendees will gain insights into the collaborative processes that challenge traditional museum practices, making room for diverse perspectives and stories that have long been marginalized or overlooked. This presentation details challenges and lessons learned to provide a roadmap for fostering meaningful collaboration between cultural institutions and communities, emphasizing the importance of shared authority and representation.


Material Culture and Architecture Public History and Memory

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Margaret Salazar-Porzio

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