Tales from the Crypt: Historiography and the Many Myths of Henry Ford

Lecture Description

In this lecture, Woeste examines the contribution of historians and biographers to the gradual burnishment of the many myths that surround Henry Ford (1863-1947). A significant number of anecdotes and even direct quotes continue to pop up in scores of books written by academic historians and popular biographers alike. By tracing anecdotes back to their original sources (or lack thereof), we come to understand just how history has created an image of Henry Ford that parallels the mythology Ford created about himself during his life. The lecture assesses the obligation historians bear to their audiences to sift through evidence carefully in order to discern fact from apocrypha. She concludes with suggestions for why it matters to the historian’s craft that we not shirk this obligation.


Biography General and Historiography

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Victoria Saker Woeste

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