The Climate Change Comedy Hour

For thousands of years, people have been using humor to cope with difficult realities. Lots of dark comedy captures the paradox that such realities are both facts that we have to live with and also egregious crimes against nature that must be overturned. Doesn’t that sound at least a little bit like climate change?

Lecture Description

This multi-media presentation posits that we’ve reached a new point in environmental awareness: it’s no longer a matter of convincing people that climate change is happening; rather, the goal is to help people cope with their overwhelming despair in the face of climate realities. Only a less traumatized citizenry will be able to replace the fossil-fuel economy. Fortunately, dark comedy has a long track record of helping people gain some purchase on impossible situations. This talk uses a combination of history, gallows humor, and silly videos to show how we can shift our attitude about climate change and how that shift might help us get to the next stage of climate activism.


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