Until There Is Justice: Anna Arnold Hedgeman and America’s Freedom Struggles

Lecture Description

Until There Is Justice tells the story of America’s black freedom struggles as seen through the life of Anna Arnold Hedgeman (1899-1990). Hedgeman was a remarkable—and remarkably understudied– force for social justice for over fifty years. Through a commitment to faith-based activism, civil rights, and feminism, Hedgeman participated in and led some of the twentieth century’s most important developments, spearheading advances in education, public health, politics, and workplace justice. A dignified woman and scrappy freedom fighter, Hedgeman upended conventions of the civil rights and feminist movements, and her efforts altered the civil rights landscape. Although she was frequently an outsider– a woman among men, a black American among whites, and a secular Christian among clergy– she was proud of her multiple and intersecting identities and cared deeply about the dignity and welfare of all people. This lecture explores key movements of the 20th century by placing Anna Arnold Hedgeman in a central, fitting role.

TAGS: African American, civil rights, social movements, women


African American Civil Rights

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