Voices from Gettysburg: Letters, Papers and Memoirs from the Greatest Battle of the Civil War

Lecture Description

Three pivotal days in 1863 – July 1st through July 3rd – marked the beginning of the end of the Civil War.  In this talk based on his 2024 book, Guelzo presents an intimate oral history of the Civil War’s turning point from research derived from a treasure trove of powerful, rare, and original documents. The “voices” include a Union staff officer, a Confederate amputee,  a sympathetic Northern woman, a Union prisoner-of-war, Union colonels and Confederate generals, a drummer boy, and a fearful college student. These original maps, personal letters, excerpts from forgotten memoirs, and more never-before-published documents offer an unprecedented narrative of the Great Rebellion and the impetus for Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.


Civil War and Reconstruction

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