Welcome to Fairyland: Miami and the Retelling of U.S. LGBTQ History

Lest we forget, queer experiences have historically been tied to the policing of Black and Brown bodies, with Jim Crow, with ideas of belonging and citizenship, class warfare, and with anti-immigrant fervor.

Lecture Description

Since its formal incorporation in 1896, Miami’s status as a “fairyland” positioned just South of the U.S. South offers a unique opportunity to challenge some of the dominant narratives of a national LGBTQ past. In shifting attention to the transnational influences of the city’s queer culture and movement, especially histories of empire-building, trade, tourism, and immigration, this lecture argues that Miami and its connections to the Americas have always been central to shaping some of the biggest debates in national LGBTQ history.


LGBTQ+ Transnational and Comparative

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