Why Ethnic Studies: Student Success for the Twenty-first Century

Numerous publications, largely qualitative, have already underscored the crucial role Ethnic Studies courses play nationwide in student success as well as social betterment. Data from the San Francisco State’s Office of Institutional Research additionally reveals through quantitative analysis the significance of Ethnic Studies courses for student success on this particular campus. Ethnic Studies curriculum may well be the solution to America’s “dropout problem” and the wealth disparity it fuels.

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While the United States wrestles with a college completion crisis, the Division of Institutional Research at San Francisco State University found a high correlation between Ethnic Studies curriculum and increased student retention and graduation rates. Majors and minors in the College of Ethnic Studies graduated within six years at rates up to 92%. Those who were neither majors nor minors in Ethnic Studies also boosted their graduation rates by up to 72% by taking just a few courses in Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Latina/Latino Studies, or Race and Resistance Studies. Faculty in the College of Ethnic Studies demonstrated significant levels of high impact instruction as compared with their colleagues across the university. 


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