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Barry Bradford

Barry Bradford

A dynamic speaker and internationally respected activist, Barry Bradford has been widely recognized for his work to reopen two of the most notorious “cold cases” of the civil rights era: the Mississippi Burning case and the Clyde Kennard case. A recipient of Presidential and Congressional awards, he is also a former Illinois State Teacher of the Year as well as a winner of OAH Tachau Teacher of the Year award and the Golden Apple Award For Excellence in Teaching. He is the author of a bestselling textbook and the forthcoming “The Warrior Princesses vs. the Ku Klux Klan.” He lives in the Chicago suburbs, where he taught for more than twenty years.

OAH Lectures by Barry Bradford

What do Victoria Woodhull, Gracie Allen, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole have in common? They are among the amazing and fascinating women who have run for President. The election of a woman as President is not a mater of 'if' - it is simply a matter of 'when' and who.' In this unique, fast moving and thought provoking presentation, national award winning public speaker and historian Barry Bradford will share the amazing stories of the women who blazed the way for women in the political process.

How Edward R. Murrow used the power of television to help bring down a demagogue.

Drawing on his history making efforts, leading students over to reopen two historic cold cases, Barry Bradford will inspire, motivate, and challenge your students to work together to create a better world.

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