Distinguished Lecturers
Crystal M. Moten

Crystal M. Moten

A south side Chicago native, Crystal M. Moten is a public historian, curator and writer who focuses on the intersection of race, class and gender to uncover the hidden histories of Black people in the Midwest. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, her research has appeared in books, journals, documentaries, and other media. Moten has taught at colleges and universities across the country and prior to joining the Obama Foundation as the inaugural Curator of Collections of Exhibitions, she worked as Curator of African American History in the Division of Work and Industry at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Her most recent book is Continually Working: Black Women, Community Intellectualism and Economic Justice in Postwar Milwaukee (2023).

OAH Lectures by Crystal M. Moten

What new methods are practitioners of African American Public History using to explore untapped topics and reach new audiences? This lectures explores new directions in African American public history related to curation, exhibitions, and audience engagement.

This lectures explores the job-related activism of Black Midwestern working women. It uncovers the political and intellectual strategies they used to critique and resist employment discrimination, dismantle unjust structures, and transform their lives and the lives of those in their community.

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