Distinguished Lecturers
E. Anthony Rotundo

E. Anthony Rotundo

E. Anthony Rotundo is Alfred E. Stearns Instructor in History and Social Sciences at Phillips Academy Andover. His book, American Manhood: Transitions in Masculinity from the Revolution to the Modern Era (1993), and related articles helped to create and define masculinity as a field of historical study. His research and writing in recent years have focused on manhood and masculinity in the late twentieth century, especially in relation to electoral politics and popular culture.

OAH Lectures by E. Anthony Rotundo

The shaping impact of the Great Depression and World War II made a generation of white men less inclined toward risk and more inclined toward security than any generation of white men in the nation's history. This lecture will show the ways in which the inclination toward security (and away from risk) molded public and private lives of white men. "The greatest generation" or historic purveyors of racism, sexism, homophobia, and imperialism... or both (or neither)? This lecture will sort out realities behind the popular images.

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