George Derek Musgrove

George Derek Musgrove is an Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is the author of Rumor, Repression, and Racial Politics: How the Harassment of Black Elected Officials Shaped Post-Civil Rights America (2012), co-author, with Chris Myers Asch, of Chocolate City, A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation’s Capital (2017), and “Black Power in Washington, D.C.,” a web-based map of Black Power activism in the nation’s capital. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, National Public Radio, the New York Times and The Root. He is currently working on a book project tentatively titled “We must take to the streets again”: The Black Power Resurgence in Conservative America, 1980-97, which explores the burst of black activism that rose in opposition to the urban crisis and the conservative retrenchment.

OAH Lectures by George Derek Musgrove

This lecture explores the changing nature of black politics in the years after passage of the Voting Right Act of 1965. Moving beyond elected officials, it also explores the fate of black nationalist, Marxist-Leninist, and civil rights organizations on the new racial terrain of the post-civil rights period.

This lecture explores the the Black Power movement in the nation's capital. Though seldom mentioned in popular discussions of Black Power, Washington, D.C. was a critical hub of Black Power organizing on par with Oakland, Newark, and New York. Paying special attention to neighborhood as well as national organizers, Musgrove explores the D.C. Black Power movement in all of its complexity.

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