Maria E. Montoya

Maria E. Montoya

Image credit: Ng Meizhi

Maria E. Montoya is an Associate Professor of History at New York University and the Dean of Arts and Sciences at New York University Shanghai. She was formerly the Director of the Latinx Studies Program at the University of Michigan where she also taught history and participated in the American Culture Program. She is the author of numerous articles and the book Translating Property: The Maxwell Land Grant and the Conflict Over Land in the American West, 1840–1920 (2002). She is also the lead author of the textbook, Global Americans: A Social and Global History of the United States (2016). She is working on a forthcoming book, "Making a Working Man's Paradise: Workers and Their Families in the Colorado Coal Fields, 1900-1950," which examines company towns and the origins of health insurance for workers in the American West, focusing particularly on the coal-mining communities associated with the Rockefeller Corporation in Colorado.

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