OAH Distinguished Lecturer Profile

OAH Distinguished Lectureship program 40 years 1981-2021

Carmen Teresa Whalen

Portrait of Carmen Teresa Whalen

Carmen Teresa Whalen is a professor of Latinx studies and history at Williams College. Most recently, she coedited, with Omar Valerio-Jimenez, a collection of essays and primary documents, Major Problems in Latina/o History (2014). This textbook reflects her interests in comparative, interdisciplinary, and transnational approaches to teaching Latina/o studies. Her other books include From Puerto Rico to Philadelphia: Puerto Rican Workers and Postwar Economies (2001), which explores the causes and dynamics of gendered labor migrations in an increasingly global economy. The Puerto Rican Diaspora: Historical Perspectives (2005), coedited with Victor Vazquez-Hernandez, is a collection of original essays charting the historical emergence and contemporary issues of several Puerto Rican communities in the U.S. She continues researching Puerto Rican women workers and the globalization of the garment industry, with a focus on New York City, garment workers' unions, and the Puerto Rican government's migration division.

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