David Armitage

David Armitage

David Armitage is the Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History and former chair of the history department at Harvard University. A prizewinning teacher and writer, he is the author of The Ideological Origins of the British Empire (2000), The Declaration of Independence: A Global History (2007), Foundations of Modern International Thought (2013), and Civil Wars: A History in Ideas (2017), and a coauthor of The History Manifesto (2014). He has also edited eleven books, including The British Atlantic World, 1500–1800 (2nd edition, 2009), The Age of Revolutions in Global Context, 1760–1840 (2010), Pacific Histories: Ocean, Land, Peoples (2014), The Law of Nations in Global Context (2017), and Oceanic Histories (2018). He is currently completing an edition of John Locke's colonial writings and editing essay collections on the history of peace during the Enlightenment and on the state of the field of international history.

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Twitter: @DavidRArmitage.


  • Civil Wars: A History in Ideas
  • Globalizing the Declaration of Independence
  • Horizons of History: Space, Time, and the Future of the Past
  • The American Revolution in Global Perspective
  • The History Manifesto
  • The International Turn in Intellectual History
  • Three (More) Concepts of Atlantic History