Peter S. Carmichael

Peter S. Carmichael

Peter S. Carmichael is the Fluhrer Professor of History and the director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, where he teaches a range of courses in the Civil War era, public history, and cultural history. He coedits the Civil War America series, published by the University of North Carolina Press, and oversees an annual conference at Gettysburg that typically draws 200 attendees each year. Many of his presentations can be seen on c-span's American History TV, and he has also appeared in the Smithsonian documentary Civil War 360 and Who Do You Think You Are?. He currently completing a book, "The War for the Common Soldier."

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Twitter: @PSCarmichael.


  • Reading Civil War Soldier Letters
  • Gettysburg: A Seductive Commemorative Landscape
  • Killing and Dying for the Confederacy
  • The Coming of the Civil War
  • In Search of Confederate Slaves


"Civil War Scholarship"

A conversation with OAH Distinguished Lecturers Caroline Janney and Peter Carmichael. Recorded by C-SPAN at the OAH Annual Meeting in Atlanta, April 2014.

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