François Furstenberg

François Furstenberg

François Furstenberg, a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University, is the author of In the Name of the Father: Washington's Legacy, Slavery, and the Making of a Nation (2006). His latest book, When the United States Spoke French: Five Refugees Who Shaped a Nation (2014), follows a group of French émigrés to the United States to explore broader connections between France and the United States in the age of the French Revolution.


  • The Electoral College in Historical Perspective: Antidemocratic Legacies of the American Constitution *
  • Trump and the Republican Party: Continuities and Ruptures *
  • When the United States Spoke French: The Early American Republic in the Age of the French Revolution
  • After the Revolution: The Formation of Early American Nationalism
  • France and America in the Age of Revolutions
  • International Land Speculation in the Early Republic
  • Slavery and Early American Nationalism
  • The Western Frontier in the Early American Republic

Lectures marked with a * are offered as part of the OAH's initiative, Historians' Perspectives on the Rise of Donald Trump.


"The War of 1812 and the Long Struggle for the West"

This lecture was sponsored by the Michael J. Colligan History Project at Miami University Hamilton. Recorded by Computer and Information Technology Services in May 2014.

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