OAH Distinguished Lecturer Profile

OAH Distinguished Lectureship program 40 years 1981-2021

Margaret S. Creighton

Portrait of Margaret S. Creighton

Margaret Creighton is a professor of history at Bates College. In her work on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she has reexamined some of America's best-known narratives and historic sites. She has revisited the story of the deepwater sailing ship, the Civil War battlefield, and, most recently, the baseball field. Her books include Rites and Passages: The Experience of American Whaling (1995) and Dogwatch and Liberty Days: Seafaring in the Nineteenth Century (1982). She is also a coeditor, with Lisa Norling, of Iron Men, Wooden Women: Gender and Atlantic Seafaring (1996). Most recently, her Colors of Courage: Gettysburg's Forgotten History (2005) considers the legendary battle of Gettysburg from the perspectives of white women civilians, African American civilians, and immigrant soldiers. This book was a runner-up for the Lincoln Prize and named as one of the five best books on Gettysburg by the Wall Street Journal.

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