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Robert O. Self

Portrait of Robert O. Self

Robert O. Self is the Mary Ann Lippitt Professor of American History at Brown University. His areas of expertise are twentieth-century U.S. history, American political culture, and the history of American cities and suburbs. His first book, American Babylon: Race and the Struggle for Postwar Oakland (2003), examines the transformation of American politics during the civil rights and tax revolt eras, from 1945 through the late 1970s, focusing on Oakland and the East Bay suburbs in California. His second book, All in the Family: The Realignment of American Democracy since the 1960s (2012), examines the conflicts over gender, sex, and family during the last half century. With Eric Hinderaker and Rebecca Edwards, Self is also a coauthor of the textbook America's History (9th edition, 2017).

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