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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program

Steven Conn

Steven ConnSteven Conn is the W. E. Smith Professor of History at Miami University of Ohio. Previously he was a member of the history department at Ohio State University. He teaches intellectual, cultural, urban, and public history. He is also the founding editor of the monthly online magazine, Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective. He is the author of five monographs, including Americans against the City: Anti-urbanism in the Twentieth Century (2014) and Do Museums Still Need Objects? (2010), and the editor of To Promote the General Welfare: The Case for Big Government (2012) and Building the Nation: Americans Write about Their Architecture, Their Cities, and Their Landscape (2003). His forthcoming book
tracks how business schools have consistently failed to live up to their promises to train a professional class of businessmen and is titled "Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: The Sad History of American Business Schools." He has taught and lectured on four continents.


Lectures marked with a * are offered as part of the OAH's initiative, Historians' Perspectives on the Rise of Donald Trump.